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RF Attenuators & Accs

8765B HP 8765B Coaxial SPDT Switch DC-20 GHz 15VDC
This HP 8765B Microwave Coaxial switch features:
  • Frequency range DC to 20 GHz
  • Unterminated single pole double throw switch
  • Break-before-make
  • Isolation: 110 dB -2.25 dB/GHz
  • Insertion loss: < 0.2 dB + 0.025 dB/GHz
  • SMA female connectors
  • Drive voltages 15 volts dc
These switches are in good used condition and have been tested. They have solder terminals on top for convenient connections. The attached 4-wire lead will be included.

For complete information visit this link on Agilent's site.

2890 Microlab/FXR DA-D96 1.5GHz 9-way Power Splitter 2890
This Microlab/FXR Power splitter can take a power input and split it out up to nine ways. The Frequency range for DC power is 1.5 GHz.

All cable attachnments are BNC as shown in the picture. Futher specifications are similar to the ones found at http://www.microlab.fxr.com/pdf/DA-DEseries.pdf.

We did a sweep of these which is shown here. It looks like they should be usable to about 2500 MHz.
5299 Mini-Circuits 13dB Pick-off/Coupler 2GHz SMA - 5299
These Mini-Circuits type ZADC-13-2000-1 Signal Pick-off Coupler Units have a coupled port that outputs a -13dB sample of the signal.

All three ports, the input, output, and coupled, are gold-plated SMA-female connectors.

We have the ability to sweep this unit up to 3 GHz. You can see a graph of the sweep here.
The bottom graph is a Return Loss Measurement.

These seem to be usable from about 1 GHz to about 2.5 GHz. See the sweep in the picture for full details.
4388 Mini-Circuits 5dB SMA Pads SAT-5 - 4388
This item contains one Mini-Circuits 5 dB SMA Male to SMA Female pad/attenuator. The frequency range is DC - 1500 MHz.

4197 Celwave 642430 Coupler up to 2 GHz -40dB - 4197
These Celwave couplers, part number 642430, have N Connectors for the main signal connections, and TNc conectors for the two pick-offs.

The pick-off signals are about 40 dB down from the input signal and this image shows the sweep of the pick off outputs.

The label only rates these items for a frequency range of 851 to 866 MHz, however they are usable over a much wider band. They are within approximately +/-1 dB of -40 from about 500 MHz to about 2 GHz and with in 5 dB from 200 MHz to 2500 MHz.
pd861cgallery.jpg Celwave 10 MHz - 1 GHz 6-Way Splitter (1945)
These are 6 - way power splitters/dividers made by Celwave. We have swept the units and found their performance to be very useable from 10MHz to 1 GHz. A graph of the performance can be seen here
anaren4b0205-0427gallery.jpg Anaren 4B0205 2 Way SMA Power Divider 3 GHz 4923
These SMA Power Dividers are in new condition.

They are functional from 300 KHz up to 3 GHz (See photo for details). These units will be sold guaranteed against doa.