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Instrument Cables and Adaptors

2876 New 3 Radiall 6 foot N female to SMA male Cables - 2876
These New High Quality Radiall 6 foot cables have a N Bulkhead connector and a Right Angle SMA Male connector.
Both connectors feature gold-plated center pins for excellent connectivity. This is for a set of three cables in new condition.
3155 N-male to N-male Adaptor Mil-Spec 3155
These N-male to N-male RF adaptors are in very nice used condition with maybe a couple scuffs on the outer casing from previous use. They are mil-spec adaptors with the engraved part numbers: 50896 UG-57B/U.

Shipping is free for any quantity!
651 HP 10833A 1 Meter / 3 Foot HPIB GPIB Cable - 651
Used HP 10833A 1 meter, 3 foot, interconnect cables. Tested, working.
3188 Qty 6 10 inch SMA to SMA 26.5 GHz Quickform Cables - 3188
A set of 6 brand new semi rigid 26.5 GHz cables with right angle SMA male connectors on both ends. They are made by Alcatel. Here is a chart of the frequency response:

Electrical Characteristics QUICKFORM 141 PTFE
Characteristic Impedance 50 +- 2 Ohm
Frequency Attenuation in dB/m Minimum Return Loss (dB)
0.1 GHz 0.11 25
0.3 GHz 0.19 25
1 GHz 0.36 25
2 GHz 0.57 25
3 GHz 0.67 20
5 GHz 0.9 20
10 GHz 1.32 18
15 GHz 1.68 18
20 GHz 2 18
26 GHz 2.4 18

4153 HP 10833B 2 Meter / 6 Foot HPIB GPIB Cable 4153
HP model 10833B 2 meter long HPIB Cable in good used condition.

3279 Genuine HP Multimeter Test Leads **Brand New** - 3279
A brand new set of HP quality test leads. There is one red and one black lead both with shrouded banana plugs on one end and a sharp pointed lead on the other. The cables are about 1 meter long. Buy more than one set and save on shipping!
2318 Set of 4 HP/Agilent Instrument Feet - 2318
A set of four feet complete with metal tilt bails, for HP and Agilent Test Equipment.

Used, but in good cosmetic condition.

2869 Qty 2 SMA 90 Male - SMA Female 6 Foot 18 GHz - 2869
Qty 2 - 6 foot Right Angle SMA Male to SMA Female cables. Product Specifications |t||t| |t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t| |t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t||t||t||t| |t|
 Impedance (Ohms) 50|t|
 Max frequency (GHz) 18|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Series SMA|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Mating system SCREW-ON|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Model CABLE CONNECTOR|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Interface PLUG|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Geometry RIGHT ANGLE|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Cable attachment CRIMP TYPE|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Panel mounting FREE|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Cable groups .085"/50 SR|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Cable standard reference KS1, RG405|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Body plating PASSIVATED|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Temperature range (C) -65/+105|t| |t||t||t||t|
 Center contact plating GOLD 1.3 OVER NICKEL 2|t| |t||t||t||t|

These cables are brand new. The radiall part number is R125153901.

3771 N-female Tunnel/Bullet Bulkhead Adaptor 3771
These N-female to N-female adaptors are in very clean like-new condition. They have gold plated contacts and can be bulkhead-mounted with the attached nut and washer.

Shipping is free for any quantity!
2280 Right Angle 90 Degree type N Adaptor 2280
These right angle N adaptors are in great condition. They have gold plated contacts and provide a 90 degree offset for your connection. Each adaptor has one N male and one N female connector.

Shipping is free for any quantity!