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Below is a listing of NIM BIN and CAMAC cards we have available for sale for immediate purchase. Click on the title to see a larger image of any module (will open in a new window).
bira-908-camac.jpg BI Ra 908 Transient Digitizer
BI Ra model 908 Transient Digitizer CAMAC Module
Nuc-Chicago 27001 RC Amplifier
Nuc-Chicago model 27001 RC Amplifier NIM Module
bira-1302-camac.jpg BI Ra 1302 A-2 Controller
BI Ra model 1302 A-2 Controller CAMAC Module
lecroy-tr8818-camac.jpg LeCroy TR8818 Transient Recorder
LeCroy model TR8818 Transient Recorder CAMAC Module
lecroy-8828c-camac.jpg LeCroy TR8828C Transient Recorder
LeCroy model TR8828C Transient Recorder CAMAC Module
lecroy-8106-camac.jpg LeCroy MM8106 Memory
LeCroy model MM8106 Memory CAMAC Module
lecroy-103a-camac.jpg LeCroy MM8103A Memory
LeCroy model MM8103A Memory CAMAC Module
dspt-pr604-camac.jpg Dspt pr-604 Dual I/P Register
Dspt model pr-604 Dual I/P Register CAMAC Module
kinsys-3672-camac.jpg Kinetic Sys 3672 Fanout Module
Kinetic Sys model 3672 Fanout Module CAMAC Module
joerger-analog-camac.jpg Joerger AM Analog MPX
Joerger model AM Analog MPX CAMAC Module
kinsys-3934-camac.jpg Kinetic Sys 3934 Modem Adapter
Kinetic Sys model 3934 Modem Adapter CAMAC Module
tty-crt-camac.jpg Std. Eng. Corp. Tco-100 TTY/CRT Interface
Std. Eng. Corp. model Tco-100 TTY/CRT Interface CAMAC Module
ne-hm2161-camac.jpg CES 2161 64K 24BIT Histogr. Mem.
CES model 2161 64K 24BIT Histogr. Mem. CAMAC Module
kinsys-3835-camac.jpg Kinetic Sys 3935 U-Port Adapter
Kinetic Sys model 3935 U-Port Adapter CAMAC Module
kinsys-3936-camac.jpg Kinetic Sys 3936 U-Port Adapter
Kinetic Sys model 3936 U-Port Adapter CAMAC Module
kinsys-3512-camac.jpg Kinetic Sys 3512 16 Chan ADC
Kinetic Sys model 3512 16 Chan ADC CAMAC Module
ne-9608-camac.jpg NE 9608 Interrupt Request Register
NE model 9608 Interrupt Request Register CAMAC Module
ne-9060-camac.jpg NE 9060 ADC
NE model 9060 ADC CAMAC Module
kinsys-3938-camac.jpg Kinetic Sys 3938 U-Port Adapter
Kinetic Sys model 3938 U-Port Adapter CAMAC Module
kinsys-3932-camac.jpg Kinetic Sys 3932 U-Port Adapter
Kinetic Sys model 3932 U-Port Adapter CAMAC Module
bira-2601-camac.jpg BI Ra 2601 I/O
BI Ra model 2601 I/O CAMAC Module
lecroy-2301-camac.jpg LeCroy 2301 Qvt-Camac
LeCroy model 2301 Qvt-Camac CAMAC Module
dsp-2012-camac.jpg DSP 2012 Transient Digitizer
DSP model 2012 Transient Digitizer CAMAC Module
jorway-74a-nim.jpg Jorway 74a L2 Serial Crate Controller
Jorway model 74a L2 Serial Crate Controller NIM Module