Verizon eFemto Project


Ridge Equipment Company has teamed up with Verizon Wireless to offer complimentary eFemto devices to select businesses in the Norfolk, VA region as part of an enhanced coverage pilot program. Members of the Ridge Equipment engineering and site acquisition team will be reaching out to local Norfolk businesses that qualify for this project. Please read the FAQ or contact us to see if you qualify. More areas will become available soon.

To inquire directly, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page, contact us by phone at (410) 871-2273 or by email info@ridgeequipment.com



What is the eFemto Project?

In select geographical areas, Verizon has commissioned Ridge Equipment Company to deploy VZW eFemto LTE devices to businesses.  These devices deliver up to 64 simultaneous LTE connections for you and your customers.

Who qualifies for a free eFemto?

To receive a free eFemto from Verizon you must me the following criteria.¹

  • Your business is located within Verizon approved geographical test market
  • Your location must have more that 15 people during peek hours
  • Your internet connection is capable of 20 Mbps downloads and 10 Mbps uploads.²
  • You have access to a window or a roof for GPS connection
  • You have an available electrical outlet

Where does the eFemto get installed?

The eFemto can be installed in a data closet, on a wall, on a ceiling, behind a service counter or anywhere that is convenient to your business. Like your WiFi access point, the eFemto device should be centered in your desired coverage area.

Do I have to be a Verizon customer to take advantage of this offer?

No! You do not have to be a Verizon customer and no you won’t be asked to sign up for Verizon services.

Why am I getting this for free?

Verizon is trying to get the best coverage into places where people use it most. Your modern business and today’s tech savvy customers rely on connectivity. The Verizon eFemto project is a pilot program to fill that need for you and your customers.

What does the eFemto look like?

The eFemto is a small to medium sized device that is similar in size to a network router.

VZW eFemto stock image
VZW eFemto

In which areas can I get an eFemto from Ridge Equipment Company?

Right now, the downtown Norfolk, VA area is the only area approved by Verizon for this pilot program. More areas will follow soon.

How do I get started?

To get started, you can fill out the form below or give us a call at (410)871-2273 or email us at info@ridgeequipment.com

Please fill out this form to get more information about the Verizon eFemto Project.

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